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10 days until sine die, the end of the session on March 28th. We can say without any hesitation that this session has shown the true colors of some of our legislators and frankly our governor. For those of us who grew up in Georgia, we can remember a

Shenanigans. Games. Back door deals. All of this at the state house where some legislators are merely being “politicians” and not legislating for the people but for special interests, selling off our public land and common good. Shame on them. See this list of calls to action for Thursday,

There has been a campaign to reframe vouchers as “scholarships” and that is very misleading. Be aware of this effort. These voucher bills are coupons for the wealthy. All children in Georgia, whether they live on a farm, live in a small town on the coast, or the mountains,

Each year we begin the session watching to see where the bills that harm our democracy will land, We see bills being proffered by the legal and advocacy teams of ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council, a right-wing think tank). We see Laboratories of Autocracy in our state capitol.

Private Cities: A couple of years ago we were pleased to have a conversation with Donald Cohen about his book, “The Privatization of Everything.” The book is worth reading to understand the workings of local government, including how privatization works. The desire for a city needs to come from

It is impossible to monitor and take action on all the multitude of bills that are introduced into the General Assembly each year, and 2024 is no exception to that rule. In fact, it seems that we are being bombarded with an even larger number of bills, mostly bad,

These two bills could use your attention over the next couple of days. Please continue writing and calling about them into the beginning of the week. NOW and COMP Waivers should have been fully funded long ago as promised. Sen. Harrell has proposed a commission to serve the affected

Our take: the bail bond industry must have some big money floating around down at the Georgia Gold dome these past few weeks. They have been big mad since poor people won a few years ago and have been pushing their weight around since then. This is another way

Please note: Link to bills has been repaired. Also see link to education policy maker’s emails to copy and paste. The Georgia Legislature is on a roll during this election year session. We would love to see more bills that solve actual problems in education such as equalizing funding,

CALL ON STATE HOUSE TO REMOVE REQUIREMENT FOR STONE MOUNTAIN PARK TO OPERATE AS A CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL Thanks to the Stone Mountain Action Coalition for this call to action and their advocacy to move the Stone Mountain Memorial Association to change this monument to tell the entire truth of

ACLU responds to SB 359—making protest(s) a RICO violationSummary:  This bill seeks to make various disfavored protest activities, irrespective of their constitutionally protected status, prosecutable under Georgia’s RICO statute by greatly expanding the scope of Georgia’s hate crime law and making any violation of that statute a violation of

From the inception of the Indivisible Georgia Coalition and our member groups, our mission has been to resist and disrupt the Trump agenda. We understood his threat to our country and democracy here and abroad. That we are in this moment of accountability is no surprise to us.

The Indivisible Georgia Coalition has a new voter registration interface! What does that mean? The purging of voter rolls is not always a clean, no mistake process. People who should not be removed are too frequently removed. That’s why you and everyone you know should check your voter registration

You may have seen the sharing of calls to action in protest of Cop City in Atlanta. Below you will find information that explains our position, a website with information about the actions you can take, and a resource document with background information. – Bookmark this website to keep

This week the former MAGA president was indicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records. We await the decision of the grand jury in Atlanta. As Americans, we deserve leaders who follow the law, act honorably in our interests and govern in our name. A Grand Jury of everyday

Quick calls this final day of the session. A few national calls to action will come out on Thursday. The senate has tabled this bill, the House passed a version, however, please do write IN FAVOR of the bill. In it’s current form, HB 404:  Click here to find your state Senator.

The last three days of the Georgia Assembly are action packed but not always for the good of the people of Georgia. Some lawmakers may feel pressure to push for terrible bills by people or by contributors to their campaign. We make no secret of our concern about the

Today’s civic actions:Save the Okefenokee, Expiring SNAP Benefits, SB140 Criminalizing Medical Treatment for Transgender Children, The People’s CDC, and Public School Teachers and Social Security, and an additional to our C2A for SB140. HB71 Save the Okefenokee From Mining OperationsPlease send your comments here via Protect Georgia.On March 14th,

Monday promises to be a big day at the Georgia legislature. It is incumbent upon us to do our civic duty by letting our voices be heard by Monday morning. In addition, if you have time on Monday morning, please again. We ask that you be respectful. Remember to

Check in on Saturday for our Civic Saturday action list both local and national. They are quick but needed actions. In the meantime we need to spend today, Friday and the weekend, contacting senators who need to hear from their constituents about SB140. March 16th was the thirty-fifth day

The Pediatric Health Safe Storage Bill, HB 161, actually has a hearing scheduled March 16 at 8 am, 506 Coverdell Legislative Office Building. This bill establishes the offense of making a firearm accessible to a child and requires safe storage of firearms, among other things. The bill has six

Today we have three bills for your consideration and for action. The future of our state, our young people, their health and education is at great risk. Our prosecutorial system faces a threat and a thwarting of the will of the people. These actions will take about 10 minutes

Senate Set to Vote on Vouchers on Monday! Lawmakers have added Senate Bill 233 to the calendar to be voted on by the full Senate chamber on Monday. If enacted this bill would represent the largest voucher expansion in Georgia and it only passed out of committee by one

Ah yes, the week leading up to Crossover Day at the state capitol is one of the most dangerous weeks of the year only to be outdone the week before sine die, the end of the legislative session. In an unsurprising but still confounding act, senate Republicans passed #SB221

NB: As volunteers in the Georgia civic space, we try to pull together actions that will have impact based on conversations with partner organizations, elected officials, and others as well as the time we have to volunteer to do this work. That which we share is our best understanding

No matter where we live in Georgia, we should be able to live free of fear that our children and teenagers do not have easy access to guns. We should have the freedom from fear that comes with knowing that a person with a mental illness or an unexpected

HB3: Support for Students Experiencing Homelessness We know the last few years have hit working families very hard, often disproportionately more than families with more resources.  And although federal funds provided short term help, those programs will not outlast the pervasive concerns around child poverty. Georgia counted 41,600 students

As we’ve said before, this is the bill that never dies. We will refer you to a recent article by In The Public Interest about school voucher bills and why we oppose them. HB 54 would raise the dollar amount of the tax credit voucher to private school scholarships

Mining proposal adjacent to Okefenokee Swamp (from Georgia Audubon Society) This issue has been an action items at several points in the past.  However, no firm decision has been made on whether to allow this mining to go forward.  This may be our last opportunity to make our voices

CALL THE WHITE HOUSE TODAY! Stop Biden from nominating an anti-abortion judge. It’s being reported that Biden plans on nominating Kentucky’s former solicitor general Chad Meredith, an anti-abortion advocate, to a federal judgeship in a bid to secure Mitch McConnell’s support for future Biden nominees. This is an

Call your senators and contact your representative today – you’ll be making a few quick calls using our patch through number and one link for your representative. First call is a demand to end a racist and elitist senate rule: The filibuster has long kept the people’s voice from

Unfortunately, over the last few years, some of our institutions have come under attack and struggled to survive. Historian Timothy Snyder in his book, “On Tyranny: 20 Lessons From the 20th Century” which is essentially a guidebook on pushing back against authoritarians, discusses the need to protect our institutions.

As we careen toward sine die, the end of the 2022 Georgia legislative session, we see that legislators are rushing to get their pet bills in under the wire so some have something to run on for this election year. None of these bills do anything for hardworking Georgians.

From Southern Center for Human Rights:Over the objections of the community, criminal legal reform and constitutional rights advocates, and local governments, the Senate passed SB 171, a bill that targets lawful protest in violation of the First Amendment. Tell the members of the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee that this

It is our job to refute the lies. Timothy Snyder writes: To abandon facts is to abandon freedom. If nothing is true, then no one can criticize power, because there is no basis upon which to do so. If nothing is true, then all is spectacle. The biggest wallet

Increasingly, state legislatures have passed extreme laws circumventing traditional standards of lawmaking. What caused this change? How can the average citizen participate to strengthen these institutions? Our guest, David Pepper, has written a book “Laboratories of Autocracy: A Wake-up Call From Behind the Lines” that will answer many of

We have two asks today on education and vouchers. The state senate is poised to vote on House Bill 517 on Frida . What began as a bill offering minimal accountability to the state’s tax-credit voucher was amended in the House to raise the amount of public funds that

Medicaid Expansion Virtual Advocacy DayMarch 10, 2022 Join Cover Ga for a virtual advocacy day for Medicaid expansion! Going on all day, join for as much time as you are able! Cover Georgia is urging elected officials to take action to expand Medicaid immediately to protect and improve the

When people with developmental disabilities “age out” of public special education, they confront a lack of services and positive alternatives for community living and engagement.  Many continue to live at home where their parents provide supervision and support, often at great sacrifice, and languish in the absence of meaningful

Georgia-grown and Georgia-owned farms keep food on our tables. And since 1989, Georgia has had some of the strongest protections for existing farmers and property rights in the U.S.  Our local Georgia farmers are already protected from frivolous nuisance lawsuits. These good neighbor laws also protect rural Georgians’ property

Many thanks to our member group Avondale ACTion for these 3 calls to action. 1. Advocate for protection of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. A bipartisan group of state legislators has filed House Bill 1289, which prohibits the Environmental Protection Division from issuing permits to mine on Trail Ridge,

CALL TO ACTION: Oppose Dangerous Gun Legislation: SB 319 Monday morning, we expect a slate of pro-gun bills will be scheduled for a vote by the Georgia Senate.  The most dangerous bill in this group is SB319  which would allow gun owners to carry concealed firearms without having a

Most of us do not take the time to consider that county school districts handle some of the largest lots of tax dollars in our communities. As the Jim Crow faction continues to wage a war on the truth, we must pay attention to their ultimate goal. As we

Our children deserve a full and honest education. One small, well-funded group of people cannot derail education for the rest of us. For a quick explainer of education bills to be heard please visit this link Call or email the Senate Education and Youth Committee Agenda and location of

We follow up today to ask that you continue to contact legislators and oppose House Bill 888. If you live in a small town or rural area, your school district will be deeply impacted if this bill becomes law. This latest attack on schools would strip classroom funding and

The election year posturing begins. Here is a link to the house education committee page that details the latest iteration of this bill that could potentially punish schools for teaching about the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Schools would be penalized 20% of their budget should they run afoul

Join Indivisible members across Georgia as we call our Senators to get the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act across the finish line! Our Senate leaders must exercise their majority, eliminate the filibuster, and pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and

Why is this an issue if you live outside Gwinnett County? This power grab as described below breaks all kind of democratic norms regarding discourse and standard procedure in our governing body. The state assembly will be inserting itself into a county where they have not been invited while

Please take action and share:As the Delta variant carves a path through the lives of our communities, many parents are deeply concerned about the health and safety of schools. School leaders at the state level have a basic job to do: first do no harm, keep our children safe.

We can protect democracy by sharing the victories of democratic wins. Today, we are asking you to share information about the Child Tax Credit that puts money directly into the hands of working families with children.

Please find below the call to action from our friends at the Stone Mountain Action Coalition. A personal note from the submitter of this call to action, a native Georgian: No matter where I traveled around the world the specter of Georgia’s history followed. I came to dread the

Just as Big Pharma has caused much harm and inequity, Big Tech follows course. It’s time for anti-trust laws. Big Tech has so far remained untouched, however, on Wednesday 6.23, the House Judiciary will introduce anti-trust bills. We’re all in favor of this. The money, the influence, the lack

For The People Act will come to the senate floor on Tuesday, June 22nd if all goes as planned. We do not really know what to expect except that we are clear that Sen. Manchin has painted himself into a corner. We hope he will do the right thing

The forces of reaction have made it clear that they do not think everyone should have the right to vote. By chipping away at voting rights over decades and particularly this last year, they have worked to corner the market on voting to help politicians choose their voters instead

There are many misconceptions about calling elected officials. One of them is that we call to change someone’s mind, which could be a potential outcome. We call to give them information, to help them understand the needs and desires of the people. We could think about it as a

The State Board of Education in Georgia passed a resolution (see the AJC story link below) against using Critical Race Theory in the curriculum for our students. The resolution is based on a false understanding of CRT and further is being used to create chaos. From the AJC: “The

The signing of SB 202, that will implement barriers to voting, was certainly a blow to democracy advocates. However, we are not deterred. Instead, it is our goal to dig deeper, learn more, engage in even more meaningful ways, and strengthen our communities. First of all, know that legal

SB 47 – Public School Funding Takes Away Tax Dollars and Gives Them to Private Schools The bill has changed so please click on the linked bill above to see the summary to be sure you are speaking about the current provisions. The bill adds students with a 504

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