Georgia Assembly Ends March 29th – Wednesday Actions

Quick calls this final day of the session. A few national calls to action will come out on Thursday.

The senate has tabled this bill, the House passed a version, however, please do write IN FAVOR of the bill.

In it’s current form, HB 404: 

  • Requires that rental properties are “fit for human habitation”
  • Includes cooling as a utility that cannot be shut off prior to an eviction action
  • Prohibits landlords from requiring a security deposit that is more than two months’ rent.
  • Allows a tenant three business days (following a written notice) to pay owed monies prior to an eviction proceeding being filed. (This is called a “right to cure”)

Click here to find your state Senator. (Tip: they will be the second-to-last official listed on the page.) Call to ask them to support HB 404 when it comes up for a vote! 

If you don’t know what to say when you call, use this example: “My name is ________. I live and vote in your district. Please vote YES on House Bill 404 when it comes to the Senate for a vote. This bill would provide fair housing protections to families, including by making sure all rental units are safe and healthy. This is especially important to help keep Georgia kids in school, out of foster care, and healthy in their communities. Thank you!”

(Want to know more about how housing & health are connected? Take a look at GHF’s Healthy Housing page.)  Thanks to Georgians for a Healthy Future for this call to action.

Quick calls/emails to both of your officials. Resistbot will get you to both quickly. Send a text – RESIST -to 50409

Simply call/email/text your state senator and representative that you oppose the following bills. Please text separately for each bill and state the bill number. Just ask them to oppose the bill. For SB233 let them know that our tax dollars need to fund public education, not private school education for the wealthy.


SB233 – private school voucher – tabled but there is a tradition of zombie bills being resurrected.

SB132 – prohibits certain immigrants from owning land (discriminatory)

SB63 –  cash bail bill (p.s. the cash bail industry continues to push to return to the old days).

SB44 –  gang bill (Just say no, we need real criminal justice reform. These laws never work.

SB222 – Criminalizing receiving grants for election administration. (Unfunded mandate. Creating difficulties for small and rural counties in administering elections).

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