Matching Funds Opportunity

Fundraising for ourselves has not been a top priority but we have an opportunity to lift the burden from our volunteer leaders and expand our work a little with digital campaigns to register voters, continue calls to action, and hold our elected officials accountable. Indivisible national has offered a one-time matching fund opportunity up to […]

State Session Resumes Soon – Hate Crimes Bill On Agenda

The horrific murder of Ahmaud Arbery has brought renewed interest in the passage of a hate crimes bill in Georgia, and we need your help. While there is important support from key leadership in the Georgia legislature (see Speaker of the House David Ralston, Governor Brian Kemp, Representative Chuck Efstration), HB426 still needs to get […]

Crisis in USPS Funding, Comment on Mining in Okefenokee (Again)

United States Parcel Service in Danger of Closing For quite some time there are those who would like nothing better than for the United States Postal Service to fail. Why? Profit. They see a business opportunity. One need to look no further than ALEC for the forces lining up behind this attempt to privatize our […]

Georgia Needs Medicaid Expansion Now

Medicaid ExpansionAsk Governor Kemp and your legislators to protect Georgians during this crisis by closing Georgia’s coverage gap The on-going coronavirus pandemic has exposed the many shortcomings of our nation’s health care system while highlighting how important it is for all Georgians and people across the country to have access to health coverage and care. […]

Healthcare Workers, Stimulus and Relief Package on the Hill

StateBecause of their exposure and lack of resources healthcare workers are becoming ill and dying in Georgia . Our Governor is behaving as if he is taking direction from the Chamber of Commerce instead of public health officials. His directive on March 23rd did not go far enough. We need to flatten the curve and […]

We Need to #ShutItDownGA

COVID-19 In GeorgiaWe have limited time to act. We are calling on Gov. Kemp to #ShutItDownGA because we are about to reach critical mass and our hospitals will not be able to handle the influx of those needing care. Gov. Kemp must take these measures to contain COVID 19 by closing non-essential businesses. We are […]

Utilize the Defense Production Act

Please contact the White House and your elected representatives in the U.S. House and Senate to demand that Trump utilize the Defense Production Act to ensure that we have adequate medical supplies and equipment to deal with the coming wave of COVID-19 patients. Conventional wisdom holds that we are about 10 days behind Italy when […]

Remove Barriers to SNAP

Urge the Governor and your state legislators to remove barriers to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) during this pandemic. Write or call the Governor’s office to encourage them to take the following immediate steps: *Halt statewide ABAWD (Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents) work requirement implementation*Release guidance for “good cause” exemptions*Suspend mandatory SNAP Works program participation*Restore […]

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