Crossover Day – Voting Rights and Education

Monday is the day all manner of madness breaks loose as bills pass into the other side – or not (house or senate) at the dome. Please make the following calls, send letters/emails as early as possible on Monday. Overall, the calls, letters/emails listed here will take fewer than 20 minutes and can make all the difference.

Share with your friends, family, and community throughout the state!

Stop the Voucher Bill:
Georgia lawmakers have introduced HB 60—a bill that would divert hundreds of millions of state dollars away from public schools towards private schools. It would specifically target public schools that are taking COVID precautions by not allowing 100% in-person instruction. Call your legislator and ask them to stop the School Voucher Bill HB60. Find Your Legislator Here:

Discrimination Against Transgender Students:
Please use this script from our friends at Georgia Equality to contact your legislators:

Stop the School to Prison Pipeline:
Please use this toolkit for contacting your legislator from our partners at School to Prison Pipeline (STPP)

Voting Rights: From Fair Fight Action:
Take action on anti-voting legislation on this crucial day with Fair Fight’s Toolkit

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