Earned Income Tax Credit – Georgia’s Families Can’t Wait!

States Can Adopt or Expand Earned Income Tax Credits to Build Equitable, Inclusive Communities and Economies – Georgia Families Need HB 510

Most of our recent posts have been about the anti-voting bills that are being discussed at the state legislature, but today we are highlighting an important effort that can left some low-income families out of poverty. During a pandemic, this need for this effort is heightened.

The Georgia Legislature is considering several bills that create a Georgia Work Credit. These bills would reduce the amount of income tax owed by families with low or moderate incomes, benefiting up to 1.1 million Georgia children and 980,00 adults and growing our local economies and businesses.We need your help building public awareness about the Georgia Work Credit and informing lawmakers that this is what is best for their communities.

Where we are with HB 510?
Right now, we are still trying to get a hearing but this bill might not make it to crossover day for 2021 – fingers crossed. We can wish for the long game of attaching to another viable bill but again that is a wishful/hopeful thinking. This is where you come in: please the form in the link above and send your letter today and make calls to lawmakers to show your support. HB 510 is a bill in the two year cycle and not dead yet we still have next session to get this through. You can learn more at https://georgiaworkcredit.org/

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