HB112 – End Corporate Immunity, Committee Hearings (Education, Voting Integrity, Ethics)

HB112 – End Corporate Immunity
Corporate Immunity is already a reality in Georgia, and it is up for renewal in 2021. The original bill is set to expire in July of 2021, but House Bill 112 extends this reckless legislation until August 2022. We have a chance to let the bill end this year. Can you write your representative and ask them to vote against HB112

We see the results of this lack of accountability in our worksites, and we see the lack of accountability every time a business lets someone walk in without a mask on.

This COVID-19 virus is surging and Governor Kemp is failing our state with his response. Now is the time for more accountability, not less. Tell your Representative to vote against HB 112 and let this legislation expire.

Please continue to make your calls to oppose these voting bills and this dangerous bill that sounds good from the title, Right to Visit. This bills obstructs health care and senior facilities from exercising science-based protocols during a health emergency

Watch and Learn: Committee meetings are livestreamed from the capitol. We’ve listed here links you can use to watch the convening.

Thursday, February 11 – Legislative Day 16
House convenes at 10 AM ET – watch live here
Senate convenes at 10 AM ET – watch live here

Key Committees Convening
Education (House) at 8:00AM in 506 CLOB – Agenda
Special Committee on Election Integrity at 11:30AM IN 406 CLOB – Agenda
Ethics (Senate) at 8:00AM in 307 CLOB – Agenda

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