Restrictions on Voting Flying Through the Georgia Senate and House – Write and Call

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. But at every turn, Republicans have voted for bills and advocated for policies that make it harder to register to vote, to cast a ballot, and to have that ballot counted. Georgia Republicans have introduced dozens of anti-voting bills in the legislature this session to roll back access to the ballot by repealing automatic voter registration, repealing no-excuse vote by mail, barring third party groups from sending absentee ballot applications, adding additional voter ID requirements, banning drop boxes, limiting early vote locations and more.¬†On Thursday HB 531 was dropped and a hastily arranged special committee hearing called for a 48-page omnibus that allegedly addresses “voting integrity.” This bill and others that Republican lawmakers have filed in Georgia this session are anti-democratic and fuel falsehoods about the integrity of our elections. Recent elections in Georgia have never had more scrutiny and yet we passed the test. Just because you lose an election doesn’t mean you get to change all of the rules. That is not democracy.

Rep. Flemming dropped HB531 that few were able read in advance of the meeting. With no due diligence, no fiscal note (we understand from a quick reading of the bill at the hearing today, that it will likely cost counties millions, ultimately passing along the cost to us – the taxpayers), and it ends Sunday voting. Legal advocates need time to read through and understand the ramifications. Please contact the committee members on Friday as well as your own representative and let them know that this bill cannot pass. No to House Bill 531.

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