Switcheroo at The Gold Dome

Shenanigans. Games. Back door deals. All of this at the state house where some legislators are merely being “politicians” and not legislating for the people but for special interests, selling off our public land and common good. Shame on them. See this list of calls to action for Thursday, March 14th. Again, things move quickly, […]

Health Matters: Expand Medicaid, Protect Our Water

Medicaid Expansion Virtual Advocacy DayMarch 10, 2022 Join Cover Ga for a virtual advocacy day for Medicaid expansion! Going on all day, join for as much time as you are able! Cover Georgia is urging elected officials to take action to expand Medicaid immediately to protect and improve the quality of life for all Georgians. […]

Access to Health Services IS a Human Right

Everyone has to access healthcare resources at some point. No one is immune. However, that access is lacking for millions of Americans and haven’t we been working to improve this access for years and years. We have an opportunity now if our elected officials will make the right moves. We ask that you make this […]

Expand Healthcare in Georgia – Comment Through February 7th

Indivisible Georgia Coalition - Healthcare Alert

The Georgia legislature has repeatedly fallen short on expanding healthcare coverage in Georgia. Instead of expanding Medicaid as allowed under the Affordable Healthcare Act, legislators passed a bill that would allow the governor’s office to craft a waiver as a weak substitute. This waiver, offered by the governor and his consulting firm, left nearly 450,000 […]

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