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Expand Healthcare in Georgia – Comment Through February 7th

The Georgia legislature has repeatedly fallen short on expanding healthcare coverage in Georgia. Instead of expanding Medicaid as allowed under the Affordable Healthcare Act, legislators passed a bill that would allow the governor’s office to craft a waiver as a weak substitute. This waiver, offered by the governor and his consulting firm, left nearly 450,000 Georgians uncovered while leaving millions of matching healthcare tax dollars on the table in D.C. For a review of the waivers offered (with a few minor revisions in the interim that will cover approximately 30,000 Georgians) please see this analysis by the Georgia Policy and Budget Institute in November 2019Georgia Policy and Budget Institute from November 2019.

The revised Medicaid waiver is now up for comment at the federal level. Tell your story and list your concerns during this comment period that ends on February 7th. Make your comments here.

Further reading about the waiver on The Georgia Recorder.

From WLPN in Tennessee: Southern States Who’ve Expanded Medicaid Have Seen Benefits

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