Switcheroo at The Gold Dome

Shenanigans. Games. Back door deals. All of this at the state house where some legislators are merely being “politicians” and not legislating for the people but for special interests, selling off our public land and common good. Shame on them. See this list of calls to action for Thursday, March 14th. Again, things move quickly, […]

Access to Health Services IS a Human Right

Everyone has to access healthcare resources at some point. No one is immune. However, that access is lacking for millions of Americans and haven’t we been working to improve this access for years and years. We have an opportunity now if our elected officials will make the right moves. We ask that you make this […]

Medicaid Expansion Update, Citizen’s Arrest Repeal, Clean Energy, and School Vouchers

Update on Medicaid Expansion in Georgia Last year the Center for Medicaid Services approved a work requirement stipulation to an already narrow expansion of Medicaid in Georgia. The Biden administration has pulled back that approval to pending. This is good news for Georgia consumers and Georgia taxpayers. Work requirements are a substantial and sometimes impossible […]

State Budget Crisis & Medicaid Expansion, Criminal Justice, Hate Crime Bill

Restricting Employment Limits Economic Prosperity for Everyone – Support SB 288June 18th at 4pm Georgia’s special committee on access to civil justice will meet and hear SB 288, which will expand Georgia‚Äôs expungement law to allow certain misdemeanor convictions to be restricted and sealed four years after the completion of a sentence, as well as […]

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