Georgia Students Deserve to Learn the Truth About Our Country’s History

The State Board of Education in Georgia passed a resolution (see the AJC story link below) against using Critical Race Theory in the curriculum for our students. The resolution is based on a false understanding of CRT and further is being used to create chaos. From the AJC: “The new state resolution does not use the words critical race theory, but it addresses core concerns raised by opponents of it, including national think tanks such as the conservative Heritage Foundation. The Georgia school board’s resolution was copied in large part from a model resolution called “The Partisanship Out of Civics Act,” authored by a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, which holds a Judeo-Christian lens to contemporary questions of law, culture, and politics.”…/state…/L4HYBED74BBFLEYTK5JSNDTK44/

The resolution can be found here:…/Attachment.aspx..

Please call and email the board and ask them to:
1. Rescind this resolution AND that you are opposed to codifying the resolution. Further, please explain that you are aware this was a cut and paste resolution that is being spread around the country. This is not good for Georgia education and this is not how policy should be made for Georgians. Truth is not a partisan issue.
2. Notice for this meeting was insufficient and did not offer enough time for notifying communities and to then allow for a sufficient comment period before the meeting. We demand another hearing on the matter. That meeting must include curriculum practitioners and school psychologists/counselors who can fully explain how the changes would affect our current curriculum and how changes would affect working with children of all cultures. Here’s the video of the meeting (you can forward through to hear the speakers who knew of this meeting when the general public did not, just noting).

Contact information for the state board of education that you can copy and paste into an email:,,, ,,, ,,,, ,,,,

You can find a comprehensive list complete of the BOE with phone numbers on this webpage:…/State-Board…/Pages/default.aspx

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