Ask For Equity in Vaccine Distribution

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Communities of color, low-income families & individuals, immigrant communities, and rural areas in Georgia have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The disproportionately high rates of hospitalization and death from COVID-19 among Georgians of color have been particularly troubling. However, the news of effective vaccines and the expected roll-outs to the public give us hope that this pandemic will end soon.    However, in order for Georgia to successfully and effectively recover from COVID-19, our state needs a vaccine distribution plan that prioritizes equity and puts the communities hit hardest at the from of the line. Georgia’s current COVID-19 vaccination plan leaves a lot of specific decisions about how vaccines will be distributed to the state’s 18 public health districts and the local county PH departments. Your district and county will make decisions about how the vaccine is distributed in your community, and in many cases those decisions are still being made.   You have the chance to influence those decisions NOW! Ask your local PH district and county PH department to hold virtual public meetings to present their plans, including how racial equity is integrated into the plan, and to get public input. Contact your public health officials today.

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