Oppose HB 60 Projected to Divert $448 Million Annually

A new bill filed for the 2021 Legislative Session, House Bill 60, would take millions of dollars meant for public schools and divert these funds to private schools in Georgia. This comes as Georgia’s K-12 public schools are operating with a $950 million budget cut this school year and will continue to be underfunded with the governor’s latest budget proposal. (For a full explainer download this PDF).

  • Once fully implemented, House Bill 60 will cost the state $448 million annually.
  • Parents could be eligible to receive this voucher if their school is not open for “100 percent of instruction in person.” This targets school systems for decisions to protect students, teachers and the greater community, putting school leaders in an impossible situation.
  • Taxpayers would be prevented from discovering which private schools receive their tax dollars.

Lawmakers concerned about the quality of education during the pandemic should instead invest in the state’s communities and disadvantaged populations by passing legislation like House Bill 10, which would provide additional funding for public school students living in poverty.

Write a letter to your lawmakers today and ask them to oppose House Bill 60, which uses public funds for private schools.
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