USPS: The Nexus of Health, Small Business, Legal Communication, Jobs, and Voting

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the United States Parcel Service is crucial. The cynical move by the president’s administration to slow down service is destructive to our economy, our health, our communities. We have two distinct asks of you today even though you will be calling the same offices. One is to ask for funding, the other is a consumer complaint. Please share widely. Our stories must be told. There are few among us who are not affected by this slowdown. We will continue to have asks of you this week regarding the federal budget, unemployment, and healthcare concerns. Please be sure to subscribe (to the right on desktop and on the bottom of this post on your phone or tablet) for the alerts to be emailed to your inbox.

The issues we’re hearing about so far are:
-Slowdown of processing and delivery (can’t always ascertain whether mail has been processed by viewing the online portal).
-Medications not received (sitting in a hot warehouse somewhere? We hope not.)
-Legal documents (death certificates of which one needs multiples, birth certificates, tag renewals and car titles, legal notices from courts).
-Packages from small businesses that depend on the mail during this time of brick and mortar shutdowns. This also can affect our state/local tax base.

1. We need funding for the post office to be included in any relief or stimulus package. Call both of our senators: U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 they will connect you.
“This is #name# from #city/zip#, and I’m calling to demand that #MoC# provide at least $25 billion in stimulus funding for the Postal Service so that it can fulfill its critical mission of delivering the mail on time. The Postal Service must process and deliver critical mail, including ballots and ballot applications; prescription medications, social security and unemployment checks, utility bills and payments, car tags and titles, and other important documents such as contracts, wills, death certificates, and court notices. The Postal Service is a critical lifeline for so many Americans and small businesses during this pandemic. Please act immediately to Save the Post Office.”  

2. Contact your senator (202) 224-3121 and congressperson’s office and ask for the constituent services aide who handles issues with the USPS. Find your representative’s office number here.
My name is_____, my zip code is________ and I understand that Sen. Gary Peters is investigating postal service delays. I have experienced delays in service (i.e. not received medications, legal notices, my small business mailed packages not received by our customers, tag renewals, my absentee ballot request form/absentee ballot was never received/returned, etc.). Please investigate my missing mail and let me know the status asap.

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