Georgia Needs Medicaid Expansion Now

Medicaid Expansion
Ask Governor Kemp and your legislators to protect Georgians during this crisis by closing Georgia’s coverage gap

The on-going coronavirus pandemic has exposed the many shortcomings of our nation’s health care system while highlighting how important it is for all Georgians and people across the country to have access to health coverage and care. More than one-quarter of low-income Georgians are uninsured and many more are at risk of losing their coverage as a result of the virus. Georgia’s leaders have taken a number of important steps to combat this crisis but they have so far ignored one of the most powerful options on the table: Medicaid expansion.

Georgia is one of 14 states that has continuously refused to expand Medicaid to cover 567,000 Georgians. If Governor Kemp were to take this action now, many fewer Georgians would go untracked and untreated amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reduce the amount of free care provided by hospitals and other providers, and preserve critical hospital resources for emergency care and critical COVID-19 cases.

Act now and ask Governor Kemp and your legislators to take swift action to extend health insurance coverage to all low-income Georgians. You may use the letter in the form or write your own.

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