Healthcare Workers, Stimulus and Relief Package on the Hill

Because of their exposure and lack of resources healthcare workers are becoming ill and dying in Georgia . Our Governor is behaving as if he is taking direction from the Chamber of Commerce instead of public health officials. His directive on March 23rd did not go far enough. We need to flatten the curve and give our frontline doctors, nurses, and all of the people who work alongside them a fighting chance. We say to those on the front line, you have more power than you think you do. Aviation workers brought the shutdown to a close in early 2019.

Call Governor Kemp’s office 404) 656-1776 and then send him a note through the form for constituent services. We need to #ShutItDownGA NOW, or we will reach a point of no return.

Last week, Senate Republicans released their bill for the next coronavirus package. Disappointingly, it prioritizes corporations over people, giving corporations a $500 billion “slush fund” while leaving out some of the most vulnerable Americans. We must prioritize direct assistance to the people who we know are most impacted by this pandemic by mandating universal paid sick leave, expanding unemployment benefits, and providing cash payments to everyone. That also means establishing requirements for corporations who take taxpayer-funded bailouts — any taxpayer money they receive goes directly to workers, not to CEOs and shareholders. Call your senators now to demand they support these provisions be included in the next coronavirus relief package. You can use the Indivisible calling tool that will upon your second call redirect you to the 2nd senator. A script is included to help frame your comments.

Then, call your representative. The previous coronavirus bill that passed originated in the House, and it didn’t go nearly far enough in protecting folks most directly affected by this pandemic (millions of workers will be denied the protections in that bill). The new package might even walk back some of the inadequate protections from the previous package! The House needs to make this right. Call your representatives now and demand that they support the above provisions be included in the next coronavirus package. Again, the Indivisible calling tool will lead you to a representative, a script is included.

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