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Contact Your Elected Officials: Expansion of Muslim Ban & Comment on High Fees for Asylum Seekers, Immigrants & Citizenship Petitions

  1. We have two actions today:
    From our friends at the Coalition of Refugee Services
    Last Friday, the Trump administration announced the expansion of the Muslim Travel Ban, which will now suspend immigrant visas for nationals of Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Burma, and Nigeria, preventing these individuals from being eligible for permanent residency status in the U.S. It will also ban individuals from Sudan and Tanzania from participating in the diversity visa lottery program, which have been historically provided to individuals from countries with low rates of immigration into the United States. Elements of the administration’s third iteration of the travel ban, which bars nationals from Somalia, Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen from obtaining nonimmigrant visas, remain in place. The newly expanded version of this ban worsens the impact of the previous version by preventing spouses, children, and other family members originating from these countries from permanently reuniting with their loved ones currently residing in the U.S. This expanded policy is cruel, unnecessary, and represents just one of many recent attempts to undermine a framework of legal immigration that has helped reunite families separated by war and conflict.

Call Congress- We Need the NO BAN Act

The NO BAN Act is legislation that would terminate the administration’s refugee and Muslim travel bans and ensure that no one is banned from our country based on religious or nationality-based discrimination. Join us in calling on all Members of Congress to cosponsor and pass the NO BAN Act (S.1123 / H.R.2214) – and to do everything in their power to oppose and stop the new expansion of the Muslim Ban.

Call our 2 Senators and your 1 Representative TODAY!

Senator Kelly Loeffler: 202-224-3643
Senator David Perdue: 202-224-3521

Rep. Buddy Carter: 202-225-5831
Rep. Sanford Bishop: 202-225-3631
Rep. Drew Ferguson: 202-225-5901 
Rep. Hank Johnson: 202-225-1605
Rep. John Lewis: 202-225-3801*
Rep. Lucy McBath: 202-225-4501*
Rep. Rob Woodall: 202-225-4272
Rep. Austin Scott: 202-225-6531
Rep. Doug Collins: 202-225-9893
Rep. Jody Hice: 202-225-4101
Rep. Barry Loudermilk: 202-225-2931
Rep. Rick Allen: 202-225-2823
Rep. David Scott: 202-225-2939
Rep. Tom Graves: 202-225-5211

Not sure who your Representative is? Find out here.

Sample Message: 
“I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and I urge you to strongly oppose the cruel and harmful expansion of the Muslim ban, which will restrict entry to the United States from six new countries. I also urge you to cosponsor the NO BAN Act (S.1123 / H.R.2214), which would ensure that no one is banned from our country based on religious or nationality-based discrimination. No one should be blocked from entering the country just because of their faith tradition or where they come from. My community welcomes refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants, and I urge you to do the same.”

* These Georgia House members have already signed on to co-sponsor the NO BAN Act. Feel free to call and thank them for their commitment to fair immigration policies free from discrimination based on religion or national origin.

2. Extension of Comment period to 2/10/2020. Proposed Rule.  

High fees for immigrants, asylum seekers, and citizenship petitions. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Fee Schedule and Changes to Certain Other Immigration Benefit Request Requirements. New Trump Administration Proposal Would Charge Asylum Seekers an Application Fee. The proposal also includes increasing fees for those applying for citizenship by more than 60 percent. ants-bans-some-work-visas/. 

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