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GA – HB784 Secrecy Re: School Safety Plans – No Input From Parents or Community

From Rep. Renitta Shannon🚨🚨 Share – A dangerous bill is moving quickly through the House. Today in the Governmental Affairs Committee I led the fight against #HB784, which would allow discussions about school safety plans to be conducted in executive session. Anything discussed in executive session means it will be kept hidden from the public and is not accessible even through open records requests. This means parents would be unaware of what policies schools are implementing in your child’s school. For example if a school board decided to arm teachers, as a safety measure, parents would have no idea that this was being implemented. If a school board implemented that the police will immediately be called in to deal with school fights, parents would have no idea or opportunity to weigh in on what’s being done in schools in the name of safety. Recently I had a constituent contact me saying her child’s school decided to outlaw parents wearing hair bonnets on school grounds citing school safety concerns —- we all know that’s not about safety. All Democrats voted against the bill in committee but we were out voted and this bill could be on the floor as early as Wednesday 1/28. So call/email your House member ASAP and let them know to vote No on HB784 and that parents must not be shut out the conversation when it comes to school safety policies.

The full bill can be found here:

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