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Your Weekly To-Do List From Indivisible

  1. Call your Senators to demand a fair and open impeachment trial. Speaker Pelosi has announced that she will transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate, and she could do so as soon as this Wednesday. But Mitch McConnell still hasn’t agreed to a fair impeachment trial. The American people deserve to hear from first-hand witnesses and see the incriminating new documents that cover up Trump’s crimes. Call your Senators and demand they uphold their oath to defend the Constitution and hold a fair and open impeachment trial. You can keep calling them and demanding a fair trial even after it starts — Democrats will be offering motions during the trial requesting witnesses, and all senators should support those motions. The foundation of American democracy is at stake. 
  2. Call your Representative and tell them to stop Trump’s march to war with Iran. The assassination of Major General Suleimani has brought us to the brink of war with Iran and put the lives of Americans and our allies in jeopardy. Congress needs to reassert their power to declare war and prevent a never-ending conflict with Iran. Call your Representatives and tell them to support the Khanna-Lee bill to prevent a new war and issue a public statement opposing war with Iran. 
  3. Then, call your Senator and tell them no to war with Iran. We need all members of Congress to know that Americans do not want war with Iran. Call your Senator and tell them to support the Kaine resolution and publicly come out against going to war. Then call again and give that same message to your second senator.

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