Switcheroo at The Gold Dome

Shenanigans. Games. Back door deals. All of this at the state house where some legislators are merely being “politicians” and not legislating for the people but for special interests, selling off our public land and common good. Shame on them. See this list of calls to action for Thursday, March 14th. Again, things move quickly, […]

School Vouchers are Coupons for the Wealthy, Not Scholarships

There has been a campaign to reframe vouchers as “scholarships” and that is very misleading. Be aware of this effort. These voucher bills are coupons for the wealthy. All children in Georgia, whether they live on a farm, live in a small town on the coast, or the mountains, or live in an apartment in […]

Georgia Assembly Ends March 29th – Monday Actions

The last three days of the Georgia Assembly are action packed but not always for the good of the people of Georgia. Some lawmakers may feel pressure to push for terrible bills by people or by contributors to their campaign. We make no secret of our concern about the direction of the state Republican party […]

Saturday Civics: Your Actions Strengthen Democracy

Monday promises to be a big day at the Georgia legislature. It is incumbent upon us to do our civic duty by letting our voices be heard by Monday morning. In addition, if you have time on Monday morning, please again. We ask that you be respectful. Remember to give the bill number when you […]

Georgia’s Future Needs Your Attention

Today we have three bills for your consideration and for action. The future of our state, our young people, their health and education is at great risk. Our prosecutorial system faces a threat and a thwarting of the will of the people. These actions will take about 10 minutes each. *Please be sure to indicate […]

Rapid Response Request: Anti-Voting Bill SB221 Passed Committee, School Vouchers

Ah yes, the week leading up to Crossover Day at the state capitol is one of the most dangerous weeks of the year only to be outdone the week before sine die, the end of the legislative session. In an unsurprising but still confounding act, senate Republicans passed #SB221 out of committee sending this anti-democracy, […]

Democracy In Georgia Needs Your Voice – Rapid Response

NB: As volunteers in the Georgia civic space, we try to pull together actions that will have impact based on conversations with partner organizations, elected officials, and others as well as the time we have to volunteer to do this work. That which we share is our best understanding of what will be heard and […]

State Alert! More School Vouchers and More Anti-Voting Bills

It is our job to refute the lies. Timothy Snyder writes: To abandon facts is to abandon freedom. If nothing is true, then no one can criticize power, because there is no basis upon which to do so. If nothing is true, then all is spectacle. The biggest wallet pays for the most blinding lights. […]

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