School Vouchers are Coupons for the Wealthy, Not Scholarships

There has been a campaign to reframe vouchers as “scholarships” and that is very misleading. Be aware of this effort. These voucher bills are coupons for the wealthy. All children in Georgia, whether they live on a farm, live in a small town on the coast, or the mountains, or live in an apartment in […]

Indivisible Georgia Coalition Statement on Trump Indictment

From the inception of the Indivisible Georgia Coalition and our member groups, our mission has been to resist and disrupt the Trump agenda. We understood his threat to our country and democracy here and abroad. That we are in this moment of accountability is no surprise to us.

Register, Update, Protect Your Voter Registration

The Indivisible Georgia Coalition has a new voter registration interface! What does that mean? The purging of voter rolls is not always a clean, no mistake process. People who should not be removed are too frequently removed. That’s why you and everyone you know should check your voter registration status. You can do so by […]

Stop Cop City

You may have seen the sharing of calls to action in protest of Cop City in Atlanta. Below you will find information that explains our position, a website with information about the actions you can take, and a resource document with background information. – Bookmark this website to keep up with current actions, sign up […]

Where We Stand

This week the former MAGA president was indicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records. We await the decision of the grand jury in Atlanta. As Americans, we deserve leaders who follow the law, act honorably in our interests and govern in our name. A Grand Jury of everyday Americans across race, background and party […]

Georgia Assembly Ends March 29th – Wednesday Actions

Quick calls this final day of the session. A few national calls to action will come out on Thursday. The senate has tabled this bill, the House passed a version, however, please do write IN FAVOR of the bill. In it’s current form, HB 404:  Click here to find your state Senator. (Tip: they will be the second-to-last […]

Georgia Assembly Ends March 29th – Monday Actions

The last three days of the Georgia Assembly are action packed but not always for the good of the people of Georgia. Some lawmakers may feel pressure to push for terrible bills by people or by contributors to their campaign. We make no secret of our concern about the direction of the state Republican party […]

Sunday Civics: Quick Actions – Big Impact

Today’s civic actions:Save the Okefenokee, Expiring SNAP Benefits, SB140 Criminalizing Medical Treatment for Transgender Children, The People’s CDC, and Public School Teachers and Social Security, and an additional to our C2A for SB140. HB71 Save the Okefenokee From Mining OperationsPlease send your comments here via Protect Georgia.On March 14th, the House Natural Resources and Environment […]

Saturday Civics: Your Actions Strengthen Democracy

Monday promises to be a big day at the Georgia legislature. It is incumbent upon us to do our civic duty by letting our voices be heard by Monday morning. In addition, if you have time on Monday morning, please again. We ask that you be respectful. Remember to give the bill number when you […]

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