Urgent Alerts: Protect Georgia’s Future, Your Voice Is Needed

10 days until sine die, the end of the session on March 28th. We can say without any hesitation that this session has shown the true colors of some of our legislators and frankly our governor. For those of us who grew up in Georgia, we can remember a time of promise, a time when […]

Switcheroo at The Gold Dome

Shenanigans. Games. Back door deals. All of this at the state house where some legislators are merely being “politicians” and not legislating for the people but for special interests, selling off our public land and common good. Shame on them. See this list of calls to action for Thursday, March 14th. Again, things move quickly, […]

School Vouchers are Coupons for the Wealthy, Not Scholarships

There has been a campaign to reframe vouchers as “scholarships” and that is very misleading. Be aware of this effort. These voucher bills are coupons for the wealthy. All children in Georgia, whether they live on a farm, live in a small town on the coast, or the mountains, or live in an apartment in […]

Crossover Day: 2/29/2024 Horsetrading Our Rights Away

Each year we begin the session watching to see where the bills that harm our democracy will land, We see bills being proffered by the legal and advocacy teams of ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council, a right-wing think tank). We see Laboratories of Autocracy in our state capitol. Without your participation it would be […]

Urgent Request to Take Action: Cash Bail Returns

Our take: the bail bond industry must have some big money floating around down at the Georgia Gold dome these past few weeks. They have been big mad since poor people won a few years ago and have been pushing their weight around since then. This is another way to take money from those who […]

State Legislative Calls to Action: Stone Mountain and Prosecutor Oversight

CALL ON STATE HOUSE TO REMOVE REQUIREMENT FOR STONE MOUNTAIN PARK TO OPERATE AS A CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL Thanks to the Stone Mountain Action Coalition for this call to action and their advocacy to move the Stone Mountain Memorial Association to change this monument to tell the entire truth of Stone Mountain. No matter where you […]

Georgia Legislature: Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech Under Attack

ACLU responds to SB 359—making protest(s) a RICO violationSummary:  This bill seeks to make various disfavored protest activities, irrespective of their constitutionally protected status, prosecutable under Georgia’s RICO statute by greatly expanding the scope of Georgia’s hate crime law and making any violation of that statute a violation of Georgia’s RICO statute.  In plain English, […]

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