School Vouchers, Voting Rights, Local Control of Board of Elections

School Vouchers – Still Alive – Just a Different Format SB 47 expands voucher eligibility by adding more than 7,000 new ailments and diseases to the list of medical conditions that qualify students for existing “special needs” private school tuition subsidies. Siphoning more money away from public schools to pay for private schools, SB 47 […]

School Voucher Bill HB 60 Didn’t Receive a Vote – Thanks to You!

Thanks to your advocacy and attention, HB 60 didn’t make it to the floor for a vote. If you need a direct example of how your voice makes a difference, this bill is just that. However, this bill and recent discussion around the return to school for students has created a moment for discussion – […]

Crossover Day – Voting Rights and Education

Monday is the day all manner of madness breaks loose as bills pass into the other side – or not (house or senate) at the dome. Please make the following calls, send letters/emails as early as possible on Monday. Overall, the calls, letters/emails listed here will take fewer than 20 minutes and can make all […]

Earned Income Tax Credit – Georgia’s Families Can’t Wait!

States Can Adopt or Expand Earned Income Tax Credits to Build Equitable, Inclusive Communities and Economies – Georgia Families Need HB 510 Most of our recent posts have been about the anti-voting bills that are being discussed at the state legislature, but today we are highlighting an important effort that can left some low-income families […]

ALERT! Voter Suppression Bills: HB531 and SB241

Call and Write Today! From our friends at Fair Fight Action: Georgia now has TWO of the worst voter suppression bills in the nation moving quickly through our legislature: SB 241 and HB 531. These proposals are assaults on democracy, founded on baseless and racist far-right conspiracy theories. These bills constitute one of the worst […]

Anti-voting Bills Are Expensive – Estimates of At Least $57 Million

Over the last year of voting in a pandemic, counties were hard-pressed to find the money required to provide access to voting that could safely accommodate their communities. Many were able to take advantage of grant money but some simply toughed it out. However, the bills currently being discussed in the Georgia General Assembly will […]

Environmental Bills in State Legislature This Week – Call to Action

Toxic Coal Ash and Water Protection HB 176Making sure that the toxins in coal ash stay out of Georgia’s water has been a top priority for several years. Last year Georgia Water Coalition successfully advocated for the passage of and the governor signed legislation that will discourage out of state coal ash from filling up […]

Stop Anti-Democratic Bills in Georgia

Stop the Bills That Will Destroy Elections in Georgia & Join Fair Fight Voting Right’s Caucus Hearings. Some state legislators are pushing through bills to cut voting hours, make it harder to vote absentee, and defund county elections offices. They know these bills will make it harder for everyone to vote –  especially the poor […]

Voting Rights, Unfunded Mandates for Counties

Restrictions on Age of Approved Absentee Voters, Submit Copy of ID With Absentee Ballot Application, Costs to Counties, and Removing Local ControlWe are asking for you to set some time aside today to walk through these actions on bills that are designed to restrict our voting rights in Georgia. The Republican led state senate ethics […]

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