Access to Health Services IS a Human Right

Everyone has to access healthcare resources at some point. No one is immune. However, that access is lacking for millions of Americans and haven’t we been working to improve this access for years and years. We have an opportunity now if our elected officials will make the right moves. We ask that you make this […]

The Honest and Whole Story: Stone Mountain

Please find below the call to action from our friends at the Stone Mountain Action Coalition. A personal note from the submitter of this call to action, a native Georgian: No matter where I traveled around the world the specter of Georgia’s history followed. I came to dread the question “which state?’ because almost invariably […]

Breaking Up Big Tech: Defending Democracy

Just as Big Pharma has caused much harm and inequity, Big Tech follows course. It’s time for anti-trust laws. Big Tech has so far remained untouched, however, on Wednesday 6.23, the House Judiciary will introduce anti-trust bills. We’re all in favor of this. The money, the influence, the lack of basic norms and controls have […]

Redistricting Training and Hearings, For The People Act

For The People Act will come to the senate floor on Tuesday, June 22nd if all goes as planned. We do not really know what to expect except that we are clear that Sen. Manchin has painted himself into a corner. We hope he will do the right thing for our democracy. We hope you […]

Your Actions This Week Strengthen Democracy: For the People Act Must Pass Now

The forces of reaction have made it clear that they do not think everyone should have the right to vote. By chipping away at voting rights over decades and particularly this last year, they have worked to corner the market on voting to help politicians choose their voters instead of voters choosing politicians. They have […]

For the People Act – For the People Now!

There are many misconceptions about calling elected officials. One of them is that we call to change someone’s mind, which could be a potential outcome. We call to give them information, to help them understand the needs and desires of the people. We could think about it as a small vote or a small protest. […]

Georgia Students Deserve to Learn the Truth About Our Country’s History

The State Board of Education in Georgia passed a resolution (see the AJC story link below) against using Critical Race Theory in the curriculum for our students. The resolution is based on a false understanding of CRT and further is being used to create chaos. From the AJC: “The new state resolution does not use […]

What’s Next? More Engagement in Democracy

The signing of SB 202, that will implement barriers to voting, was certainly a blow to democracy advocates. However, we are not deterred. Instead, it is our goal to dig deeper, learn more, engage in even more meaningful ways, and strengthen our communities. First of all, know that legal challenges are already being mounted such […]

Take Action – Public School Funding, Raise the Age to 17, Voting Rights

SB 47 – Public School Funding Takes Away Tax Dollars and Gives Them to Private Schools The bill has changed so please click on the linked bill above to see the summary to be sure you are speaking about the current provisions.  The bill adds students with a 504 plan for 21 specified conditions to […]

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