Oppose Dangerous Gun Legislation: SB319

CALL TO ACTION: Oppose Dangerous Gun Legislation: SB 319 Monday morning, we expect a slate of pro-gun bills will be scheduled for a vote by the Georgia Senate.  The most dangerous bill in this group is SB319  which would allow gun owners to carry concealed firearms without having a state-issued permit.   Less than twelve months […]

Education, The Truth, and Looting Tax Dollars

Most of us do not take the time to consider that county school districts handle some of the largest lots of tax dollars in our communities. As the Jim Crow faction continues to wage a war on the truth, we must pay attention to their ultimate goal. As we continue to see school voucher bills […]

Keep Calling About Anti-Education HB 888

We follow up today to ask that you continue to contact legislators and oppose House Bill 888. If you live in a small town or rural area, your school district will be deeply impacted if this bill becomes law. This latest attack on schools would strip classroom funding and deprive our students of necessary resources. […]

Contact State House Education Committee – Oppose HB888

The election year posturing begins. Here is a link to the house education committee page that details the latest iteration of this bill that could potentially punish schools for teaching about the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Schools would be penalized 20% of their budget should they run afoul of this law, if it passes. […]

Pass the John Lewis Voting Right Advancement Act – Call in 1/14

Join Indivisible members across Georgia as we call our Senators to get the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act across the finish line! Our Senate leaders must exercise their majority, eliminate the filibuster, and pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act to […]

Georgia Assembly Alert: Stop A Power Grab

Why is this an issue if you live outside Gwinnett County? This power grab as described below breaks all kind of democratic norms regarding discourse and standard procedure in our governing body. The state assembly will be inserting itself into a county where they have not been invited while citizens of the county have not […]

Mask Mandates for Students and Faculty

Please take action and share:As the Delta variant carves a path through the lives of our communities, many parents are deeply concerned about the health and safety of schools. School leaders at the state level have a basic job to do: first do no harm, keep our children safe. Every day parents drop children off […]

Sharing Good Information Protects Democracy

We can protect democracy by sharing the victories of democratic wins. Today, we are asking you to share information about the Child Tax Credit that puts money directly into the hands of working families with children.

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