The quality of life for hard-working Georgians is on the line. The governor’s “Pathway Program” has fallen extraordinarily short with approximately 2,000 enrolled in this program out of a projected 370,000 eligible adults. Note that many poor and working poor Georgians have difficulty running the obstacle course set up by the governor. Many eligible Georgians may have applied but aren’t able to navigate the ridiculous requirements. Georgians for a Healthy Future has this explainer to answer questions about this program and have navigators who may be able to help.

This past weekend The Physicians for a National Health Program held their annual meeting in Atlanta. At the close of their meeting on Sunday they led a march to the shuttered Atlanta Medical Center calling for Gov. Kemp to fully expand Medicaid in Georgia. Several local physicians spoke about the conditions in overcrowded hospitals after the closure of two Metro Atlanta hospitals by Wellstar.

For a comparison between full Medicaid expansion and “Pathways” visit Cover Georgia’s explainer.

Send a note to Gov. Kemp via his constituent contact form and ask him to:
– expand Medicaid to protect the health of Georgians
– bring home our tax dollars
– the Pathway Program is an extra expense to taxpayers and not needed if we fully expand Medicaid now