Call your senators and contact your representative today – you’ll be making a few quick calls using our patch through number and one link for your representative.

First call is a demand to end a racist and elitist senate rule: The filibuster has long kept the people’s voice from being heard and acted upon in the senate. It keeps important discussions from happening and keeps important votes from ever coming to the floor, including last week’s vote on abortion rights. (Follow on Twitter). Call Georgia senators Ossoff and Warnock and ask them to support removing the filibuster and proceed with protecting reproductive health and rights. Call this number twice to be connected to both our senators 844-999-2786

Call your senator today about expanding the Supreme Court:
For decades, conservatives have been appointing Supreme Court justices to unfailingly carry out their hyperpartisan, right-wing agenda. Thanks to their efforts, the Supreme Court has a 6-3 conservative supermajority that does not reflect our country’s politics or diversity and it is clear that it does not support the right to privacy or bodily autonomy. In this call, you’ll be asking your senator to support the Judiciary Act of 2021 when it is introduced in the senate. Use this number for this set of calls:  855-980-2355

Last, visit this page and send your representative a letter asking them to co-sponsor the Judiciary Act of 2021 

Vote for Reproductive Champions for Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, Labor Commissioner, and in other statewide and local races. Many elected offices including district attorney ,judges, and more have more power to influence how laws are implemented. They can decide where to put resources, who to prosecute for miscarriages or abortions OR NOT, and more. Be sure to vote by May 24th. See your ballot at

Donate to funds that support reproductive rights and assist those seeking abortion care at