Unfortunately, over the last few years, some of our institutions have come under attack and struggled to survive. Historian Timothy Snyder in his book, “On Tyranny: 20 Lessons From the 20th Century” which is essentially a guidebook on pushing back against authoritarians, discusses the need to protect our institutions. We certainly saw that our educational systems, postal system, court systems, and agencies like the Center for Disease Control fell under attack with widespread cronyism and pressure to not release the entire truth about the serious threat of Covid 19. We need to rebuild these agencies that serve the common good. How do we do that? We hold them accountable. In the case of the Centers for Disease Control, we can turn to those who have worked in the agency or currently work with the CDC who also want to strengthen their institution by following the science to create good, sound public policy. We offer your call to action today from The People’s CDC:

Please join us in telling President Biden and our elected leaders that masks save lives, and we need them on public transportation and planes TODAY! 

On April 18, US District Judge Mizelle in Florida struck down the CDC’s mask mandate for transportation endangering the lives and livelihoods of millions across the country.

The Biden Administration says they will appeal the decision — *IF* the CDC deems it necessary. Join us in telling them we need an appeal and emergency stay to keep the public transport mask mandate, which science AND a majority of Americans support! 

✅Read and share our statement: People’s CDC Condemns Court’s Interference in Public Health Protections

Take two minutes to: 

  1. Urge the White House to immediately appeal the Federal Court Order and support the public transportation mask mandate

Call the White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414 or send a message: https://whitehouse.gov/contact/ (Sample email & phone scripts)

  1. Call your Representatives and Senators in Congress to support the mask mandate and urge the White House to appeal the Federal Court Order: 

Find your reps: https://whoaremyrepresentatives.org/ & Call the Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121 

(Sample email & phone scripts)

  1. Sign the Marked by COVID petition in support of a federal public transport mask mandate

If you have more time… 

  1. Spread the word on social media (this post is public and shareable).

Sample tweets: 

Clicktotweet: High risk people shouldn’t have to choose between meeting their basic needs and catching #COVID19. Appeal the federal court order and restore the public transport mask mandate now! #MaskUp @CDCgov @CDCDirector @TSA_Pekoske @TSA @WHCOVIDResponse @AshishKJha46 @SecretaryPete 

Clicktotweet: #BA2 case rates are as high as the Delta surge last August. #MaskMandates on public transport keep the air safer for everyone. Appeal the federal court order and restore the public transport mask mandate now! #MaskUp @CDCgov @CDCDirector @TSA_Pekoske @TSA @WHCOVIDResponse @AshishKJha46 @SecretaryPete 

Clicktotweet: A majority of Americans support #COVID-19 #MaskMandates for #PublicTransportation. Appeal the federal court order and restore the public transport mask mandate now!  @CDCgov @CDCDirector @TSA_Pekoske @TSA @WHCOVIDResponse @AshishKJha46 @SecretaryPete https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2022/04/06/survey-6-out-of-10-americans-want-mask-mandate/

  1. Urge state & local transportation systems, Amtrak, airlines, and bus companies to require masks for passengers and employees. Examples of social media handles for some of these companies are:
    MARTA – @MARTAservice
    Gwinnett County Transit – @gctransit
    Delta Airlines – @Delta
    Southwest Airlines – @SouthwestAir
    American Airlines – @AmericanAir
    United Airlines – @United

Talking points:

  • Millions of Americans rely on public transport as their only way to get to work, school, healthcare and other essential services
  • COVID rates right now are as high as they were during the Delta surge in August 2021
  • COVID spreads in the air like smoke. Buses and trains have poor ventilation, so masks are important to help keep the air safer for passengers and transportation workers. 
  • High quality masks trap virus particles and protect the wearer and those around them, including young children who can’t wear masks.
  • Mandating masks protects the people who have been hardest hit by the pandemic, especially Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), working class communities, the elderly, immunocompromised and chronically ill, and people living with disabilities

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