We have two asks today on education and vouchers. The state senate is poised to vote on House Bill 517  on Frida . What began as a bill offering minimal accountability to the state’s tax-credit voucher was amended in the House to raise the amount of public funds that can be diverted to private schools by $100 million in the next five years. Call your senator and ask them to vote NO on HB 517. 

Additionally, please call about Senate Bill 601, a separate voucher bill, that passed out of the Senate Education and Youth Committee on Tuesday without taking public comment–a frustrating development considering the significant policy being considered. SB 601 is a copy of House Bill 999 and both provide a voucher that is higher than public schools receive to educate many students. It’s imperative that SB 601 not pass out of the Senate. Use your zip code to find your senator here: https://openstates.org/ tell them to vote no on SB 601!