Oppose Dangerous Gun Legislation: SB319

CALL TO ACTION: Oppose Dangerous Gun Legislation: SB 319

Monday morning, we expect a slate of pro-gun bills will be scheduled for a vote by the Georgia Senate.  The most dangerous bill in this group is SB319  which would allow gun owners to carry concealed firearms without having a state-issued permit.  

Less than twelve months since an angry white man targeted AAPI business and murdered eight people and barely two years after Ahmaud Arbery was chased and killed by three convicted racists, Republicans have the audacity to call for more unregulated weapons.  Republicans are counting on all of us having short memories and tolerating their abuse of power.  We need you to call Senate leadership today and oppose these bills:

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan: 404-656-5030

Senator Butch Miller (Senate Pro Tem): 404-656-6578

Senator Mike Dugan (Majority Leader): 404-656-7872

More guns on our streets will result in increasingly precarious situations where innocent people are hurt.  More Americans died of gun-related injuries in 2020 than in any other year on record, according to recently published statistics from the CDC. In Georgia alone, close to 1,700 people are killed by guns each year.

Recent polls make clear that a large majority of Georgians agree that these bills put our families at risk.  Georgians do not want relaxed gun laws.  Georgians are against criminals slipping through gaps in the system. Similar “permitless carry” laws in other states have resulted in an increase in aggravated assaults with weapons.  

Georgia lawmakers are using gun legislation to play political games with our lives.  These are some of the same people who refuse to hold January 6th participants accountable, and deny any connection between their “Second Amendment” bravado and the senseless injuries and death caused when weapons are in the wrong hands. 

Georgia’s senate leadership needs to know that we oppose relaxing gun regulations and we will not tolerate their cowardice. 


CDC Firearm Mortality by State:

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