Most of us do not take the time to consider that county school districts handle some of the largest lots of tax dollars in our communities. As the Jim Crow faction continues to wage a war on the truth, we must pay attention to their ultimate goal. As we continue to see school voucher bills fly through our state legislature, we must ask the question: to whom do most of these tax dollars go? Special interests, maybe? As always, follow the money, as this article from In The Public Interest explains: School vouchers are a ‘slow coup’ of public education.

House Bill 999 is in the House Education committee and House Bill 60 can be called up to the full House chamber at any moment. These bills have have the potential to divert hundreds of millions of public dollars to private schools. Vouchers are harmful to students, teachers, and parents all across Georgia and we cannot let them get out of the House of Representatives. Join Fund Georgia’s Future on Thursday, February 17th at 7pm to learn more about these bills and what concrete steps you can take to stop themRegister here.