Keep Calling About Anti-Education HB 888

We follow up today to ask that you continue to contact legislators and oppose House Bill 888. If you live in a small town or rural area, your school district will be deeply impacted if this bill becomes law. This latest attack on schools would strip classroom funding and deprive our students of necessary resources. School districts could be punished with a 20% budget cut, effectively stealing taxpayer dollars from Georgia’s students as a means of classroom censorship. This article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution gives more details about these potential cuts.

HB 888 is a political ploy to censor classroom discussion and intimidate teachers. If passed, it will sow chaos by adding expensive new burdens to educators and school districts on top of the extreme hardships arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the hardest hit school districts will be those in smaller towns and rural Georgia. These school districts could suffer over $676 million dollars in punitive budget cuts.  Our children must have better opportunities in education.  Make your voices heard See our post from Friday for contact information.

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