The Honest and Whole Story: Stone Mountain

Please find below the call to action from our friends at the Stone Mountain Action Coalition.

A personal note from the submitter of this call to action, a native Georgian: No matter where I traveled around the world the specter of Georgia’s history followed. I came to dread the question “which state?’ because almost invariably the response was “Oh, Gone With the Wind!” or “Stone Mountain!” I was always relieved when the exclamation was “Augusta!” because of the Master’s Tournament.

Having the largest monument to the Confederacy in the country, in the backyard of Shermantown, an historically Black community in the city of Stone Mountain, and in the backyard of so many Black Georgians, or anywhere in our state, as a tourist attraction, is unacceptable. As a state, we must do better. We must also demand that our tax dollars not be spent to glorify the history of the confederacy. The park has plenty to offer as a center for leisure, sports, and family gatherings. As it stands, many refuse to visit. Vendors have left. Taxpayers are on the hook. Time is up!

This re-imagining, as SMAC has offered on numerous occasions would indeed bring in new tourists, and lessen the drag on the state budget.. A draft plan offered by urban architect, would solicit input from the community and center the natural beauty of the park and give space for the truth about the entire endeavor. Stone Mountain Park should belong to all Georgians. Please kindly send your notes by Monday morning, June 28th, as described below:

From Stone Mountain Action Coalition:
The “Honest and Whole” Story… On Monday, the Stone Mountain Memorial Association (SMMA) board met and again, provided NO transparency or updates on past commitments and had NO discussion on any new or old business despite losing millions of dollars and still without a new management company. After the meeting, the Stone Mountain Action Coalition (SMAC) held a press conference (recording) with members of the media and representatives from the Atlanta NAACP, DeKalb National Council of Negro Women Section, DeKalb Young Democrats and Civil Rights Attorney Gerald Griggs.

At the SMMA meeting in April, CEO Bill Stephens gave a presentation outlining the serious financial challenges facing the Park and the critical need to address its Confederacy issues that have contributed to the decisions of its management company and hotelier to leave. As part of this presentation, he proposed adding an exhibit in Confederate Memorial Hall to provide an “honest telling of the whole story.” This proposal was formally voted on as a resolution at the May meeting and passed by the board. And so our request of the SMMA is simple — do exactly what fyou told the public you would do — tell the “honest and whole story.”
CALL TO ACTION Contact the SMMA Board and Park Stakeholders Email (send one email to everyone):;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Call: Bill Stephens (Park CEO): (770) 498-5611, Governor Kemp: (404) 656-1776
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Call to action page:

Sample message/script:
I am contacting you to request that you follow through with your public commitment to tell the “honest and whole story” at your new Confederate Memorial Hall exhibit and include the critical items below that define Stone Mountain Park: The lack of ANY Civil War relevance The history of local Indigenous communities The ongoing relation with the United Daughters of the Confederacy and their role in promoting the racist Lost Cause mythology The Park’s role in rebirthing the modern day Ku Klux Klan and ongoing support from white supremacy groups The racist reasons the State of Georgia restarted the carving in defiance to the Civil Rights Movement and specifically the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision The Park’s use of taxpayer funds that began with the State of Georgia purchase of the mountain and continue to this very day The laws passed to protect Confederate monuments in Georgia and specifically Stone Mountain Park and require it to sell Confederate memorabilia   The recent white supremacy rallies and protests at the Park, including those in the summer of 2020 that caused the Georgia National Guard to be deployed  The SMMA’s 2021 decision to reject the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans’ permit for their annual Confederate Memorial event Herschend Family Entertainment and and Marriott’s decision to leave the Park that led to the creation of this exhibit I also request that you consult with many local and national institutions focused on Georgia history, civil rights and Confederate symbols. Given that the SMMA has misled, lied and promoted racist propaganda for DECADES, I demand accountability, transparency and REAL progress. Georgia taxpayers and our country deserve better!

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