Breaking Up Big Tech: Defending Democracy

Just as Big Pharma has caused much harm and inequity, Big Tech follows course. It’s time for anti-trust laws.

Big Tech has so far remained untouched, however, on Wednesday 6.23, the House Judiciary will introduce anti-trust bills. We’re all in favor of this. The money, the influence, the lack of basic norms and controls have left big tech unfettered to treat workers unfairly, endangering their health and well-being, paying substandard wages, and more. The lack of oversight has led to a surveillance society that gives opportunity for bad players and despots around the world to have access to personal records and habits of everyday people. Big money in PACs and more have given them undue influence in Washington. It’s past time to reign them in.

To learn more about these bills:
From the Electronic Freedom Foundation
From CNN
To learn more about the big money influence from Big Tech, visit Public Citizen.

Here’s the phone number for the switchboard at the House of Representatives (202) 224-3121.

I’m a constituent calling from [CITY/ZIP] to ask you to take action to reign in big tech. 

Big tech corporations like Facebook, Google and Amazon have grown too big, too powerful and too invasive. They use their near-monopoly power to collect personal information on ordinary Americans and make billions invading our privacy.

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, worth $200 billion dollars – and neither he, nor Amazon have paid a dime in federal income tax on Amazon’s $29 billion in earnings for two years—even though their business exploded during the pandemic. 

Tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on a bi-partisan package of bills (H.R. 3816, H.R. 3825, H.R. 3826, H.R. 3843, H.R. 3849) to reign in the monopoly power of big tech. I urge [REPRESENTATIVE] to vote yes on all five bills. 

Can I count on [REPRESENTATIVE] to vote yes on these bills?

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