Redistricting Training and Hearings, For The People Act

For The People Act will come to the senate floor on Tuesday, June 22nd if all goes as planned. We do not really know what to expect except that we are clear that Sen. Manchin has painted himself into a corner. We hope he will do the right thing for our democracy. We hope you will share our call to action with your friends and family and ask them to call tomorrow. If you have not yet called, please do so on Tuesday.

Indivisible Ga 04 pulled together a list of redistricting resources that we hope you will read through with special attention to the event on Tuesday evening. Public hearings have begun and we need to have that testimony on the books in case an impartial judge has to review. They will read through the testimony and use that to make decisions. We cannot stress enough the importance of this work at this time. We simply cannot allow the current path to continue without citizens making our voices heard.

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