Sine Die is Coming – Bills Passing Without Transparency – Continue Calling

This last few weeks of the Georgia legislature have been disappointing and a badly written horror show. The forces of reaction have taken legislators in the Republican party by the collar and have not let go. If you’ve been following our calls to action, or any of the calls to action sent out by Fair Fight Action, New Georgia Project, Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, All Voting is Local and more, you will know that bills meant to restrict access to voting have been pushed through both chambers. This is not what Democracy looks like. Between the cost of litigation, unfunded mandates to the counties, and the blatant barrier to voting, the GOP is breaking the taxpayer’s back and the right to vote in one legislative session. Not all of the bills have passed and that is where you come in. We must gather up our democracy loving friends and ask them to contact legislators as soon as possible so they feel a wall of resistance. Our pushback so far has mitigated some of the harm, we must do as much as possible before next Monday evening at midnight.

Please keep this link as it will be updated by Fair Fight, choose Georgia at the top of the page, and read what you need to know and how to respond to last minute changes. Follow Georgia voting rights organizations on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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