Alert – Voting Disenfranchisement Attempt in Georgia

We ask you to take a few moments with this important set of proposed bills dropped in the state legislature on February 2nd. It is important to reach each of the members of the Senate Ethics Committee as listed below, but also please contact your own Senator if not on this committee. Ask them to speak on behalf of constituents in your district to expand voting rights, not restrict them

First Action – Around 5 minutes
There have now been several House and Senate Bills introduced which would make absentee voting more difficult.  We need to be making voting easier, not harder!

Please send the following emails and/or making the following calls.

Email: Recipients: copy the following block of emails (live links embedded) for the Senate Ethics Committee & House Speaker,,

Subject: Remove Obstacles to Absentee Voting
Body of the email: copy the following or write your own:  

As a citizen of Georgia, I am opposed to ANY new requirements that would make voting-by-mail more burdensome. 

I understand that several Senate and House bills have been introduced which would make absentee voting more difficult. Many of these additional requirements would put an undue burden on those who are elderly, poor, disabled, or have limited internet access.

I am familiar with the obstacles to exercising my right to vote. Our legislators need to make it EASIER, not HARDER, to vote! 

Please take the time to analyze obstacles already in place and remove them, rather than adding more. 

Your Name
City, Zip Code

Enter message for Governor and Lt. Governor:
Copy the same message as above on the following web-based forms:

And/Or Make Phone Calls:
Call leadership of the
Senate Ethics Committee and our state leadership with the same message as above:

Gov. Brian Kemp (404) 656-1776
Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (404) 656-5030
David Ralston (House Speaker) (404) 656-5020
Max Burns (Committee Chair) (404) 656-7586
Dean Burke (Vice Chair) (404) 656-0040
Harold Jones (Sec)  (404) 656-0036

Additional Voting & Elections Bills Introduced

There have now been dozens of measures introduced to address voting and elections procedures — a package of them was introduced yesterday. Most are intended to make voting-by-mail more difficult, following the Republican losses of 2020. All bills and resolutions in the House are assigned to the newly formed Special Committee on Election Integrity which has yet to schedule a meeting to consider bills. Senate bills are referred to that chamber’s Ethics Committee. We will be following these closely.  Please see the Call to Action above!

OPPOSE the following by contacting the Senate Ethics CommitteePlease send a separate email and add the bill number in the subject line.

  • SB 29 Requires a copy of photo ID when submitting the application to vote by mail and another copy when submitting the absentee ballot. 
  • SB 67: Absentee ballot application ID
  • SB 68: Ban ballot drop boxes
  • SB 69: End automatic voter registration
  • SB 70: Prohibits new Georgia residents from voting in runoffs
  • SB 71: Requires an excuse to vote absentee
  • SB 73: Bans nonprofit organizations from mailing absentee ballot applications to voters
  • SB 74: Limits authority of election supervisor over poll watchers

    HB 101 & HR 28 End felony disenfranchisement. Repeals portions of Georgia’s constitution and code that prohibit people convicted of a felony involving moral turpitude from voting until they have fully completed their sentence. SUPPORT by contacting the House Special Committee on Election Integrity.

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