Crossover Week: Wednesday

No Tax Breaks For the Wealthy
Once again, House Speaker Ralston is determined to hand out tax breaks to his wealthy friends. Our message: the wealthy need to pay their fair share. During this time when so much is unknown about how COVID-19 will affect Georgia and what will be required to pull through this public health crisis, a tax cut is the last thing that should be proposed. Call Speaker Ralston and your representative to let them know: no more tax cuts, everyone needs to pay their fair share. For an explainer, we refer to the experts at the Georgia Policy and Budget Institute and their assessment.

Water and Land Use:
There are now 3 coal ash bills in House Rules Committee awaiting passage to the House floor for a vote: Call your representative:

These bills now move on to House Rules committee for passage to the floor for a vote. The legislature is in adjournment today – but will meet Monday – Thursday next week. Thursday (3/12/2020) is Crossover day.  These House bills MUST pass the House by the end of the night to remain eligible for enactment. 

HB 93: notifies communities when water from Georgia Power’s coal ash ponds is pumped into nearby waterways

HB 959: Similar to SB 123. Raises the fee for dumping coal ash in Georgia’s landfills. HB 959 differs from SB 123 in that it requires local governments to set aside 10% of the fees for landfill related issues. SB 123 has already passed the Senate, so we would prefer that the language in HB 959 mirror the language of SB 123 exactly.  Conflicting language in two versions of the bill could cause complications in enacting this important language.  Ultimately, moving both bills forward for a vote on the Floor of the House is critical.  

HB 929: requires long-term monitoring of groundwater around coal ash ponds

HB 545: Right To Farm bill is a misnomer – A bill to remove property rights protections for existing farmers and property owners remains “on the table” and eligible for a vote in the Senate. Call your representative ( Read an explainer here.

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