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On the Senate floor Tuesday 3/10
Senate Bill 386 would increase access to the Special Needs Scholarship Tax Credit by expanding it to include any child who has 504 status. SB 386 is, in effect, an attempt to expand school vouchers in Georgia. Studies have shown that 504 status is given overwhelmingly to white (and male) students; this is not the right path for providing better education to children with disabilities. It will take money away from public schools and redirect it to private schools with no accountability. NO on SB 386. Call your Republican State Senators and the Lt. Gov. (404-656-5030).

Tax Cuts Back Up for Consideration
House Speaker Ralston has not given up his plan to give wealthier Georgians another tax break. Speaker Ralston’s timing could not be worse. We are facing the COVID-19 virus epidemic and a precipitous stock market. Who could forget the recession 11 years ago and the lack of adequate taxes to take care of our basic needs. We need to be prepared for what is to come. Call Speaker Ralston at 404.656.5020 and ask him to leave the tax cut out of the budget.

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