State Legislative Alerts: Guns on Private School Campus, Juvenile Justice, Secret School Voucher, and More

It’s that time of the state legislative session where lawmakers begin to feel the weight of the calendar. We will post daily as bills rise to the surface that need attention. Please follow our public Facebook page for rapid response posts. Please subscribe to our blog for daily updates. (See the side panel).

Remember to give the number of the bill and to briefly describe your concern. If you have a story to tell please ask the person answering the phone the best way to get your story to the legislator.

Find your legislator at Open States. We recommend keeping your state senator and state representative in your cell phone contact list.
Other calls have contact information listed or attached.

HB 828 “Restroom Access Act” – Ally’s Law
If passed, Georgia would be the 18th state to pass this law. The Judiciary Committee needs to hear this bill. Basically, this law affords those with an “I can’t wait card” access to employee bathrooms if no public restroom is available. Healthline explains how this humane law works. Call Representative Barry Fleming at (404) 656-5125 and ask for a “hearing on HB 828 Restroom Access Act”

SB 224 GA Senate Judiciary committee passed out of committee on Monday 3/2. Guns in churches & courthouses, felons & other convicts allowed to have a variety of firearms, & changed definition of aggravated assault to make brandishing a firearm acceptable. Call Lt. Gov Geoff Duncan 404-656-5030 and President Pro Tem Butch Miller 404.656.6578.

SB 357 – Allows guns on private school campuses that are operated by religious institutions. This bill has passed out of committee. Call your state senator and the Lt. Governor 404-656-5030.

HB440 Raise the Age bill. Ask the House juvenile justice committee to vote YES so that 17-year olds are not tried in adult court even for misdemeanor charges.…

HB994 Call Chairman Chuck Efstration 404-656-5105 & tell him you oppose #HB994. This bill could threaten Nathan Deal’s bipartisan reforms, throw kids in prison, increase death penalty sentences, and waste tax payer dollars. This bill does nothing to promote public safety, does a great deal in tearing apart criminal justice reforms that were built across the aisle.  

HB 1060 is an anti-trans bill preventing doctors from providing life saving treatment to trans minors: Call your house representative and Speaker Ralston 404.656.5020.
For more information about these bills please see this NBC News story.

SB 386. This bill is a secret school voucher bill, expanding access to special needs scholarship funds to all students with 504s. Sounds good in theory but no, tt takes money away from public schools. It’s been heard in committee but not voted on. Call the Lt. Governor’s office at 404-656-5030.

HB 756 and 297 requires polluters to store coal ash in lined pits. Call both the Lt. Governor – 404-656-5030 and the Speaker Ralston – 404.656.5020 at For the dangers of not doing so, please see this article on Georgia residents in Juliette, GA.

Senator Harold Jones is sponsoring SB414 (felony disenfranchisement bill) and would like a hearing this week. Call or email members of the Judiciary Committee AND the Governor and Lt Governor’s office and ask them to support SB414. Judiciary Committee Numbers

SB 434 will ban styrofoam takeout containers and single use plastic bags Senator Harrell will hold a hearing on Tuesday March 3 to present SB 434 to the Senate Agriculture & Consumer Affairs Committee meeting at 4:00 pm in Senate Mezzanine 1 in the Capitol building. This will be a hearing only. Please contact Chairman Wilkinson to encourage him to hold a vote on SB 434 before Crossover Day on March 12th. Please also contact the Committee members to support the bill. You can find the Committee list at this link. Click through to each member for their contact information. 

HB 995 will make it  easier for discrimination to occur on public college campuses. The committee hearing was on Monday, please go ahead and lodge your displeasure. The action alert below makes it super easy to email the chair and tell him to oppose this discriminatory bill.. Tell Chairman Martin that this bill is un-American, because it would roll out the red carpet to permit “religious”, “political”, or “ideological” student orgs to discriminate in membership, leadership.

House Bill 980 will keep local governments from unfairly limiting how many people can live in a house. It requires local boards to use the national HUD standard for defining families — one that is broad and open. If the new law passes, it can help reduce inequality and open affordable housing for all – please sign here.

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