Last week companion legislation were introduced in the House and Senate to ban surprise out-of-network medical billing (also called surprise billing) in emergency and non-emergency situations. SB 359 and HB 888, sponsored by Senator Hufstetler and Representative Hawkins respectively, both contain strong consumer protections and set a fair payment resolution process that takes consumers out of fights between insurers and health care providers. If passed, these bills would protect 2.6 million Georgians from surprise medical bills.

SB 359 has been read and reffered to the Senate Health and Human Services committee. HB 888 is in House first readers and in the House Special Committee on Access to Quality Health Care.
Call one or more of these committee leaders to ask for their support of SB 359 and HB 888: 
Sen. Ben Watson, Chairman of Senate HHS committee,
Sen. Dean Burke, Vice Chairman of Senate HHS committee, 404-656-0040
Rep. Mark Newton, Chairman of the House Special Committee, 404-656-0254
Rep. Sharon Cooper, Vice Chairman of the House Special Committee, 404-656-5069
If your state Senator or Representative is on either committee, please call them as well.